mapRoute updates The latest application updates for Mon, 08 May 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Copyright (c) 2017 Geocache proximity areas (minor) Added proximity areas for Geocaches. This can be switched on/off independently of Waypoint Proximity in Settings->Geocaching Live->Geocache Proximity. Traditional caches, corrected coordinates and physical additional waypoints are all subject to Geocache Proximity. The distance is fixed at one tenth of a mile. Fixed bug where Webcam Photo Taken log count was not handled. 2017-06-23 Proximity radius editable in waypoint tab (minor) Added proximity radius to Waypoint tab. It is only shown when switched on in settings. Click the radius to edit in-line. Right-click Geocache Type (in Geocache tab filter) to invert the selection status of all other Geocache types. This is particularly useful when you just want to select one Geocache type. i.e. saves you un-selecting all other types. When using the measuring tool to measure the distance between two points the distance is now shown to four decimal places. Added standard cookie acceptance to login page to conform with cookie law. 2017-06-15 Coordinate pasting (intermediate) Coordinates can be added/updated in three formats. Decimal degrees, degrees and minutes (above) and OSGB (UK only). Data entry is broken into constituent parts to assist users formatting the data correctly, so pasting values into these fields has never been practical... until now. Place the cursor in any of the editable data fields and press Ctrl+V to paste the coordinates from your clipboard into mapRoute. Pasted coordinates do not need to be in the same format as the target coordinates. For example, you could paste OSGB coordinates into degrees and minutes, or vice versa. Here are some examples of pasting coordinate formats which I have successfully tested. Letters are not case sensitive. 51.73818, -2.58473 51.73818,-2.58473 51.73818 -2.58473 N51° 44.291 W002° 35.084 N51°44.291 W002°35.084 N51 44.291 W2 35.084 SO 59719 04547 SO 5971 0454 SO 597 045 SO 59 04 If the clipboard content does not validate to one of these formats the warning Incomplete or invalid location pasted will appear and it will be pasted to the specific field selected, so that partial coordinates can still be pasted. 2017-06-01 Waypoint Proximity Zones (intermediate) RSS feed added so users can keep up to date with mapRoute updates as they happen. Waypoint proximity zones added (or circles with a defined radius from a waypoint in simple terms). This functionality is switched on/off in Settings->Objects->Waypoint Proximity. An additional configuration setting called Proximity Radius defines the default proximity when a new waypoint is created. This setting is currently always in metres regardless of the units of measurement you have selected. While the slider will allow you to select integer values between 10 and 1610 (1 mile) you can click on the numerical value above the slider and edit this using your keyboard. The number must remain an integer, but can be much larger than 1610 if required. When adding (Find/Waypoint->Create Waypoint) or editing a waypoint (click waypoint icon on map) a Radius field will be displayed containing your default Proximity Radius. The radius can be manually changed of course. Each waypoint stores it's individual radius length, so you can come back to it at a later date. Two less obvious uses for Proximity Zones are: 1. Geocaches cannot be places within 0.1 mile of each other (hence the default radius of 161m), so if you're planning a series this could be of great use. 2. Some Geocaching puzzles require the use of circles of known radius from a specified location. 2017-05-27 Exclude finds filter (minor) Added Exclude field to Geocache tab filters. By entering the name of another Geocacher you can exclude all caches found by this person. When you are planning a Geocaching trip with a friend and you want to find caches that neither of you have found, this is the way to do it. You can add multiple users by separating their names with semicolons. i.e. Ailec Nor;Wrighty;Zomblou. The API allows a maximum of six names, but if you have unfound selected, that will count as one of the names. Spaces at the start/end of names are ignored, as are additional/unnecessary semicolons. Added configuration setting (tab 8) to turn on/off handling DNFs (see 06/04/2017 release). By default this option is turned off, so turn it on if you require this functionality. 2017-05-03