mapRoute updates The latest application updates for Mon, 08 May 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Copyright (c) 2017 Select Geocache download name (minor) All priviledged users can now use Geocaches along a route. Made Settings->Geocaching Trackables clickable. This will take you to the Groundspeak trackable page in a new tab. Also the full name of trackable is now shown on hover (when cursor is positioned over the trackable name) as these are often too long to display. Geocache download will now use the active route name in the download name when present. Tip: Create dummy route and name it as you want the Geocache download to be named. Otherwise you get the centre point of all downloaded Geocaches as it appears on the map. A few bug fixes. 2018-07-19 Bulk add Geocaches to Ignore List (minor) Privileges members can now bulk-ignore caches. Select the caches you want to ignore in the Geocaches tab and click the Image button at the bottom and the selected cache will be added to your Ignore bookmark list. Note: Because the API generates an error if you try to ignore an already ignored cache mapRoute firstly loads your ignore list so it can disregard any caches that are already in the list. 2018-05-25 Geocaches along a route (minor) This release introduces Geocaches along a route, but only to VIP members at this stage. This functionality is useful only for long, linear routes. Load a route then right-click the GO button on the Geocache tab to load caches along the route. The route is bounded by a series of rectangles. The caches within each rectangle are loaded. Rectangle size is partly dependent on route length. Currently the Groundspeak API allows 10 calls to load Geocaches before a 60 second wait. Also this release puts in place a mechanism for monitoring how many Bing Maps sessions a user is using per day and per month. While it is currently not envisaged that these limits will cause a problem the mechanism allows controls to easily be added in the future if necessary. A few other bug fixes have also been included. 2018-05-18 Geocache downloads from Geocache tab (intermediate) Re-designed Geocache downloads/exports to gpx file from the Geocache tab. Downloads are now almost instantaneous regardless of file size. Added options to download Geocache data and additional waypoints separately via a single click. Note: on first use you will get a message from your browser asking you to authorise the download of multiple files. Geocache filename is now gc_[].gpx, where is the nearest city, town or village to the centre point of the selected Geocaches, is the number of Geocaches or additional waypoints in the file and is either Geocaches (no additional waypoints included), AdWpt (additional waypoints only), AQ (AlpineQuest Geocaches and additional waypoints), AqGeocaches, AqAdWpt. There is no for a standard gpx file containing both Geocaches and additional waypoints. Extended count (top right of Geocache tab) to show xx/yy, where xx is the number of selected caches and yy is the total number of caches loaded into mapRoute. AlpineQuest now also shows mapRoute icons for found and unavailable caches, adding to previously available unfound and corrected coordinate icons. You must download the AlpineQuest icon file, uncompress and copy to the Android\data\pyberia.alpinequest.full\files\icons folder on your internal storage. Changed internal name of gpx file so that it is the same as the filename. This makes it easier to identify on some devices. The weather tab is back, as OpenWeatherMap has finally moved to SSL. Press the W key to view the 5-day weather forecast for the map centre location. Fixed some bugs. 2018-03-07 Bookmark Lists (intermediate) Added Geocaching Bookmark Lists. Any Geocache can be added to your Bookmark lists by clicking the Image icon on the listing page or the infobox. Then simply select the the list you wish to add it to. The action will fail if the Geocache has already been added to the bookmark list. The Ignore List is a special bookmark list. In Settings->Geocaching-Ignore caches select Hide if you don't wish to load Geocaches in your ignore list. There is a new section in the settings tab which lists all bookmark lists and how many entries are in each. Click a bm list name to open the appropriate page in The Groundspeak API does not allow removal from bm lists, so this must be done through their web site. Also, waypoint infoboxes now show the holding folder (privileged users only). Zooming during and after drag-to-map has been improved. Waypoint drag and drop fixed. Waymark loading fixed after recent change by web host. 2018-01-01