mapRoute updates The latest application updates for Mon, 08 May 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Copyright (c) 2017 Geocache downloads from Geocache tab (intermediate) Re-designed Geocache downloads/exports to gpx file from the Geocache tab. Downloads are now almost instantaneous regardless of file size. Added options to download Geocache data and additional waypoints separately via a single click. Note: on first use you will get a message from your browser asking you to authorise the download of multiple files. Geocache filename is now gc_[].gpx, where is the nearest city, town or village to the centre point of the selected Geocaches, is the number of Geocaches or additional waypoints in the file and is either Geocaches (no additional waypoints included), AdWpt (additional waypoints only), AQ (AlpineQuest Geocaches and additional waypoints), AqGeocaches, AqAdWpt. There is no for a standard gpx file containing both Geocaches and additional waypoints. Extended count (top right of Geocache tab) to show xx/yy, where xx is the number of selected caches and yy is the total number of caches loaded into mapRoute. AlpineQuest now also shows mapRoute icons for found and unavailable caches, adding to previously available unfound and corrected coordinate icons. You must download the AlpineQuest icon file, uncompress and copy to the Android\data\pyberia.alpinequest.full\files\icons folder on your internal storage. Changed internal name of gpx file so that it is the same as the filename. This makes it easier to identify on some devices. The weather tab is back, as OpenWeatherMap has finally moved to SSL. Press the W key to view the 5-day weather forecast for the map centre location. Fixed some bugs. 2018-03-07 Bookmark Lists (intermediate) Added Geocaching Bookmark Lists. Any Geocache can be added to your Bookmark lists by clicking the Image icon on the listing page or the infobox. Then simply select the the list you wish to add it to. The action will fail if the Geocache has already been added to the bookmark list. The Ignore List is a special bookmark list. In Settings->Geocaching-Ignore caches select Hide if you don't wish to load Geocaches in your ignore list. There is a new section in the settings tab which lists all bookmark lists and how many entries are in each. Click a bm list name to open the appropriate page in The Groundspeak API does not allow removal from bm lists, so this must be done through their web site. Also, waypoint infoboxes now show the holding folder (privileged users only). Zooming during and after drag-to-map has been improved. Waypoint drag and drop fixed. Waymark loading fixed after recent change by web host. 2018-01-01 Viewport loading (intermediate) Removed Geocache auto loading. Added Geocache loading within viewport (visible map area). This option is more intuitive and removes the need for the radius slider. Viewport or Radius mode can be selected in Settings->Geocaching Live->Load area. View Routes now displays routes that start within the viewport area. The Settings->Route->Search Radius has consequently been removed. After selecting View Route move the cursor over a route pin to display the route on the map. Changed hill icons to simpler pins. Hills and trigpoints are now loaded via a more lightweight viewport+ method. This loads the entire viewport plus a margin of around 50%. Once the map is moved outside this margin the objects are loaded for the new viewport+. Hills and trigpoints now refresh in a much more elegant manner. Non-privileged users can now only select pillars and a small selection of the 60+ hill types. Privileged users can load tills and trig from zoom level 12 to 20, while other users can load from zoom level 13 to 20. Zoom level is displayed when you move the cursor over the mode area on the status bar. Re-invented the helper. It how displays information at the beginning of the session only. Information shown will be important news and general update overview. Image on title bar can now be clicked to show (out of date) guide. This will be re-directed to the Wiki as soon as it has been completed. The wiki has been delayed by this release. As usual, a few bug fixes. 2017-12-02 Automatic Lite to Full API call for cache listings (intermediate) Previously, if you loaded Geocaches via a Lite API call and then clicked one of the Geocache icons the listing could not be shown. Now an additional Full API call is made when you attempt to show the listing. This means that the listing is shown seamlessly without the overhead involved with a lot of Full API calls. Added summary LED to the API column on the Geocache tab. This shows as Image if all caches were loaded via a Full API call and Image if one or more caches were called with a Lite API call. The latter icon is clickable to load all Lite Geocaches via a Full API call where the tickbox is selected. Fixed Google recaptcha process within the registration page, which was broken by my web host. Thanks to Richard for bringing this to my attention. Made a significant start on a new mapRoute Wiki. This should be out in the next couple of weeks or so. 2017-11-03 Photo slideshow and Geocaching radius slider (intermediate) Added Geocaching radius slider to Status bar. Moving cursor over the slider reveals the radius length on the status bar and purple circle on map indicating the area covered in future Geocache downloads. These values change as the slider is moved. Geocache photos re-worked. Previously you could only see photos for logs that were loaded. Now all photo data is loaded when a listing is displayed. Once loaded the Slideshow button will appear. Click this to see all photo (newest to oldest). Geocache slider is now replaced with Photo Duration slider, which allows you to set the speed of the slideshow. When the slideshow finishes the slider returns to the Geocache radius slider. A slideshow can be paused, continued etc as before. Note: API information doesn't contain the username of the photo owner. mapRoute cross references with Geocache log photo data wherever possible, but if the log has not been loaded the Geocacher name is not shown. Increased intensity of Geocache load area colours for Full and Lite calls. Fixed a few minor issues 2017-10-03